Nirum is an IDL compiler and RPC/distributed object framework for microservices, built on top of the modern Web server technologies such as RESTful HTTP and JSON.

You can find how the language looks like from source codes in the examples/ directory.

Note that its design is highly unstable and could be changed. Also the feature set is incomplete yet.


The Nirum compiler works on the most major platforms like Linux, macOS, and Windows. We provide the prebuilt executable binaries for these three platforms.

Released builds

You can download executable binaries for Linux (x86_64), macOS (x86_64), or Windows (x64) from the latest release note. You should give it appropriate permissions (e.g., +x) depending on your platform.

If you look for a previous release, see the list of all releases.

We provide official Docker images as well. You can check the list of released tags. Note that latest is for a nightly build which is unstable (see below).

Nightly builds

Since Nirum is still changing by leaps and bounds, you could want to try its bleeding edge. We provide nightly builds for this purpose.

Although we call it “nightly build,” technically it is not built every night, but done every merge commit.

Getting started

In order to compile a Nirum package (examples/) to a Python package:

$ mkdir out/  # directory to place generated Python files
$ nirum -t python -o out/ examples/

For more infomration, use --help option:

$ nirum --help
Nirum: The IDL compiler and RPC/distributed object framework

Usage: nirum [-v|--version] (-o|--output-dir DIR) (-t|--target TARGET) DIR
  Nirum compiler 0.5.0

Available options:
  -h,--help                Show this help text
  -v,--version             Show version
  -o,--output-dir DIR      Output directory
  -t,--target TARGET       Target language name. Available: docs, python
  DIR                      Package directory

There is a step-by-step tutorial as well.


If you already installed Haskell Stack, you can build the project in the same way to build other Haskell softwares:

$ stack build

You can run the test suite of Nirum:

$ stack test  # unit test for compiler
$ ./   # style lint

For details, please read the contribution guide.

Related projects & tools

See also the list of Nirum-related projects on GitHub. Have you kicked off a new project related to Nirum? Please add nirum topic to your project on GitHub!

Language runtimes

Editor supports


니름 (IPA: /niɾɯm/; nireum) is a sort of telepathy in the fictional world of The Bird That Drinks Tears (눈물을 마시는 새 Nunmureul masineun sae) by Lee Yeongdo (이영도).